Organizations dealing with or providing services to the public will receive feedback in the form of various types of queries, complaints, suggestions, criticism and praise. This feedback is usually channeled through by e-mail, phone, face to face or mass media.

As an initiative, this application is intended to improve the convenience, accessibility and quality of interactions with the public to reflect a user-friendly service. Therefore, CIDB felt the importance of the need for special facilities which helps the management and collection of complaints and feedback in a systematic and thus improve the service delivery system.

To enhance the effectiveness of the interaction, the e-Bantuan portal is introduced as a platform for users to provide feedback to the CIDB.

Next, this request will be escalated to the related parties in CIDB. This service allows the public to obtain information in an effective manner in which the request will go through the portal, directly to the relevant parties in CIDB. The portal will further ease the public's access remembering this 'one door' portal only.



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