Each user or customer is required to provide a valid User ID and Password before being allowed to access the site. Duplicate access using the same User ID and Password is not allowed. For security reasons, users are required to frequently change or update their password. The password can be changed by accessing the MyProfile page.

(a) Please enter both Username and Password !
Please enter you valid user ID and Password.
Parameters mismatched, no record found !
Your combination of User ID and password does not match with the ones registered in the system.
(c) Site access privilege has been suspended !
User access to the system has been suspended by the administrator.
You or someone using your login credentials have logged in !
Users may bave logged in using another terminal/computer but did not logout using the correct method or another person is currently using the system using your login details. Please log in again and logout using the correct manner using the same computerb last used.
Idle user session is allowed for 45 minutes. This means any inactive access will be terminated automatically if it is idle for 45 minutes.
Users will then be required to login again to start a new session.
All passwords are encrypted with a one-way encryption algorithm. If you forget your password or suspect the your password has been compromised, please contact CIDB Customer Service Unit at 1300-88-2432 and request for a password change. Users could immediately use the new password or choose to change or reset into a new one at the MyProfile screen.
If you require help or further clarification regarding this matter, please contact CIDB Customer Service Unit at 1300-88-2432 (during office hours)


 For more information, please contact

CIDB Customer Service Unit
Telephone : 1300-88-2432
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